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Sleek and contemporary in style, with impressive strength and durability as standard, our aluminium windows and doors will deliver that as-new look for decades.

Sureclose Group works with some of the UK’s leading aluminium suppliers to source and install market-leading aluminium windows and doors for any commercial or industrial application in London, Essex, and the surrounding areas.

Whether you are searching for single doors or windows or need us to take to the reins of a larger project, our team will work with you to get impeccable results for your premises. Our aluminium products are suitable for offices, schools, retail environments, and virtually any other commercial space that demands strength, security, and an unrivalled aesthetic from its fenestration.

Please note that the lead time on our aluminium windows and doors is typically 4-6 weeks. We can also supply and fit aluminium glazed doors.
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Aluminium doors & windows

Curtain walling

Secondary glazing

The benefits of aluminium products

When selecting the right windows and doors for your commercial property, there are plenty of options, including those manufactured from uPVC, steel, and timber. Though these materials each have their merits, aluminium doors and windows are fast becoming a popular choice for our customers, as they are much more durable, which often makes them a more cost-effective option in the longer term.

Aluminum is a very desirable metal because it is more elastic than steel. It can be crafted into a wider variety of shapes, meaning it’s ideal for more unusual or intricate designs. Its malleability means it is especially useful for creating parts for deep and straight walls.

Aluminium doors and windows offer the exceptional thermal properties you’ve come to expect from modern-day products and will insulate your property effectively even when manufactured with the slimmest frame profiles. Because of their stable structure, they will also not expand or contract as temperatures change, meaning they are also considered to be the most weather resistant solution available on the market.
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Curtain walling

Curtain walls are designed to protect your property from the elements. Acting as both a buffer and an insulator, they prevent air and water from entering the fabric of the building. They will also reduce building sway and slow the spread of fire in an emergency.

Secondary glazing

As its name suggests, secondary glazing is used to create a seal within the window cavity to stop draughts in their tracks, reduce condensation, improve heat retention, and enhance the overall security of your windows. Your internal environment will be noticeably warmer when you opt for secondary glazing.

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