Passive Fire

Fireproof your buildings, protect your assets, and look after your people with fire stopping solutions designed to effectively prevent the spread of smoke and fire.

Sureclose offers passive fire protection advice and implementation to building owners and managers in London who take their fire safety obligations seriously.

Whether you are looking after a residential, commercial, industrial, or public sector premises, you will need to ensure your property is designed and finished in such a way that ensures a fire can be compartmentalised. This means that, with the support of the right passive fire protection products, fire can be contained in specific areas, supporting a fast, clear evacuation plan, and reducing structural damage as far as possible.
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How does fire stopping work?

At a basic level, any gaps within your building’s walls and floors will need to be sealed with the correct fire stopping materials. Doing so will stop smoke and fire in its tracks in the event of an emergency; these hazards will reach a point where they will not be able to travel any further, and therefore will not be able to cause any more destruction or become even more of a threat to life.

Your fire stopping strategy will depend on several factors, including where your most valuable assets are located, what the most suitable route(s) for evacuation might be, and whether you need to accommodate the needs of particularly vulnerable building users. There will also be certain practical considerations, such as whether the proposed sealings will be made on loadbearing walls, and how your fire stopping strategy will complement your fire alarm setup and the work of your fire prevention systems.

Our approach to passive fire protection

As a fire stopping company in London, we will review all the above factors and look at the current integrity of your property’s substrates. From here, we will work to ensure your walls, floors, and even your roofs can be given an approved fire rating.

We often partner with developers to deliver our fire stopping services on new builds, but we can also look at the requirements of older buildings and work to bring outdated fire stopping strategies up to scratch by retrofitting the correct solutions in line with the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005.

If you have any concerns regarding the integrity of your building from a fire safety standpoint – for example, you are concerned that your fire stopping installations were not carried out correctly by your previous contractors, or you have no paperwork to prove that these works were completed at all, contact Sureclose in the first instance. We will attend a free site survey to determine the current level of protection at your building and recommend the right way forward.

London’s passive fire specialists

Regular inspections and maintenance of passive fire protection features are essential to uphold the integrity of these systems, reinforcing the overall fire safety measures within the building.
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